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Colorado House Votes on SB190, Senate Reconciliation is Next

Updated 6/9/21 @ 11am: The Colorado Senate unanimously voted 34-0 on concurrence and final passage of SB190. It now heads to Gov. Polis, who will have 10 days to sign or explicitly veto it.CPA applies to businesses collecting data on more than 100,000 individuals, or those earning revenue from the data of more than 25,000 consumers. It includes standard data subject rights, an opt-out consent model with a universal opt-out mechanism, and a right to cure, all subject to normal AG rule-making and enforcement.

CPA is effective July 1, 2023 unless vetoed by the Gov. The biggest difference when compared to Virginia or CPRA is the broad requirement (with fewer exemptions) for data protection privacy assessments.

A more specific compliance issue Colorado presents, according to attorney David Zetoony, is the required data protection assessment. Such examinations are also required in the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act, but Colorado does not exempt companies from these assessments like Virginia.

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The Colorado Privacy Act SB190 has passed the Colorado House of Representatives by a vote of 57-7. While the bill must return to the Senate for final reconciliation of amendments made by the House, it’s most likely. Unless the Governor vetos it, which is improbable, the amendments will be reconciled in the next few days.

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Apple iOS 14.3 New Privacy Features

It looks like 2021 is going to be a big year for consumer privacy awareness. Apple recently announced its current release iOS 14.3 will introduce a new privacy information section along with a developer-reported summary of its app’s privacy practices. However, in a later release this information will appear as a Privacy “Nutrition Label” for app purchases within the App Store. The new release is a significant adjustment for developers and consumers, as it adds more transparency and awareness for app users.

What is a privacy nutrition label?

Under iOS 14.3, apps found within the App Store must explain how the application utilizes a user’s data. This means developers must disclose detailed information such as what data is collected, why, and how they plan to use it while providing users with a breakdown in the form of a “nutrition label.”

privacy nutrition label

Apple provides its users with a simplified way to educate themselves on how their data is being used. Applications that do not offer details will have a prominent message stating there are no details to show, which is designed to help individuals make more informed decisions about which applications they choose to install on their Apple devices.

appleWhat’s next for Apple’s data privacy features?

In 2021, Apple will launch its App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature, making all tracking across applications and website an opt-in only feature. Although this can affect targeted and behavioral advertising, this move adds more transparency on how data is being used across devices and gives users a choice to opt-in.

As developers submit their data collection details that Apple requires, a prominent privacy policy and “do not sell my data” link are also critical elements that should be top of mind in complying with data privacy regulations such as the CCPA. Learn more about how Truyo can help you a transparent approach to privacy rights and consent management.

This update reinforces consumer privacy awareness and may be a catalyst for increased privacy rights expectations and requests.

See a demo of Truyo’s privacy and consent management platform that provides users with a superior privacy experience as they exercise their data rights.

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Colorado House Votes on SB190, Senate Reconciliation is Next

Updated 6/9/21 @ 11am: The Colorado Senate unanimously voted 34-0 on concurrence and final passage of SB190. It now heads to Gov. Polis, who will have...

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