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Yes, Virginia Really Will Pass a Privacy Act!

Voted 89-9 in the Virginia House and unanimously (39-0) in the Senate, Gov. Northam is expected to sign the Consumer Data Protection Act into law without issue.

One of the things 2020 should have prepared us for is the unexpected, and the Commonwealth of Virginia managed it with the mere three weeks from mid-January to the beginning of February that it took the General Assembly to introduce, debate, and favorably vote on the Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA) (HB 2307 / SB 1392).

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Get Back to Business with Janus. Privacy First.

As the world tries to adjust to this "new normal," many are wondering how businesses will resume a normal or phased approach to re-opening. With strict new guidelines for social distancing, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends daily health checks in the workplace, and that all companies implement an updated plan that reduces exposure to COVID-19.

Truyo powered by Intel® and Pyramid can help you get back to business with, Janus, an enterprise-level contactless self-check temperature kiosk. This temperature screening kiosk is a privacy-first solution that can easily integrate with existing HR systems, protects user data, and its scalable design allows companies the ability to utilize one kiosk for both employee and consumer temperature checks.

Contact Card Image

Janus is a true contactless kiosk, with a 21.5" touch display, and powered by an Intel® i5 processor that allows for a fully automated user experience. A four-step check-in process can be easily configured to ask questions and process temperatures with a customizable UI.

Janus 4step-2

The intelligent thermal camera scans and quickly provides accurate results, making for a speedy entry into restaurants, office buildings, retail locations, and more. With a compact design that meets ADA requirements, Janus is capable of three different form factors, such as freestanding, wall-mounted, or on a countertop to ease traffic flow.

Form Factors

With privacy as a priority, industries are seeking to adapt and implement a trustworthy, contactless, and privacy-first temperature check solution before re-opening. The Truyo Privacy Rights Platform complies with CCPA, GDPR, and other privacy regulations by offering users the ability to access their data with transparency. Janus only collects temperature values taken using the thermal imaging camera, and this information is immediately encrypted then transmitted to Truyo’s highly secure cloud environment. No data is stored on the kiosk itself.

Janus was developed as a turn-key market-ready solution to help enterprises get back to business in this "new normal” and is available for nationwide order & delivery.

Learn more about Janus the privacy-first temperature self-check kiosk


Monique Becenti
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Monique Becenti is the Product Marketing Manager at Truyo. She has deep technical knowledge in technology with an emphasis on data privacy.
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Yes, Virginia Really Will Pass a Privacy Act!

Voted 89-9 in the Virginia House and unanimously (39-0) in the Senate, Gov. Northam is expected to sign the Consumer Data Protection Act into law with...

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