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Prop 24 (CPRA/CCPA 2.0) Has Passed: What This Means For You

CPRA Passed!

Dan Clarke, President - IntraEdge

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QuikSense. Designed with Privacy in Mind.

IntraEdge proudly introduces QuikSense powered by Truyo, a standalone, contactless temperature wrist sensor that was designed with privacy in mind. QuikSense enables your business to conduct contactless and privacy-minded health screenings quickly in the workplace or in well-gathered spaces, such as school campuses, distribution/manufacturing centers, offices, hospitals, etc. Companies now have access to a cost-effective and accurate health-check solution that prioritizes health and privacy.


QuikSense is a medical-grade sensor that can capture an individual’s temperature by scanning their wrist. Researchers have validated wrist temperatures as an equally accurate contactless alternative to forehead scans. QuikSense plugs into any device powered by Windows 10 operating system with an Intel i5 (6th generation or later) or i3 10th generation processor, including the Janus temperature check kiosk developed with Pyramid Computer.

Truyo’s Health-Check Management Solution

To meet the highest health, privacy, and security standards, QuikSense is powered by Truyo’s Health-Check Management Solution that protects data collection, encryption, and automation, which prioritizes employee and consumer data privacy.

  • Completely customizable UI/UX
  • Set temperature thresholds
  • Configure screening questions
  • Review entrance activity
  • Dynamic hourly, daily, and downloadable reports


Health Check Management and Sensor

Enterprise-level businesses are confronted with a variety of guidelines that vary from state-to-state, as they continue with the “next phase” in their reopening strategy. A comprehensive reopening strategy requires significant changes to the physical Blog Office Peopleenvironment, including behaviors among employees and visitors. As strategies quickly adapt, so does our technology – QuikSense can help you get back-to-business. Learn more about QuikSense today!


Monique Becenti
About Monique Becenti
Monique Becenti is the Product Marketing Manager at Truyo. She has deep technical knowledge in technology with an emphasis on data privacy.
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